Regulation of Puppy Sales in Retail Pet Stores

Thousands of pet stores throughout the United States are selling puppies from puppy mills to unsuspecting consumers every day. One of the ways citizens are standing up for victims of puppy mill cruelty in their local communities is by supporting local ordinances and state bills that regulate where pet stores can get the puppies they sell, and in some cases, ban the sale of dogs in pet stores entirely. Click on the map above to see how some cities and towns have approached this issue.  

From California to Florida and New York to Colorado, towns and cities all over the United States are stepping in to pressure the commercial breeding industry to clean up its act! More than 175 localities have banned the sale of commercially-bred dogs in pet stores. State legislators are taking notice too!  Bills to regulate pet store puppy sales by limiting the breeders they can source from have already passed in Connecticut and New Jersey, and other states have proposed bills to ban the sale of puppies in pet stores statewide!  

Regulation of pet store puppy sales can get complicated quickly from a legal standpoint.  If you know of a local or state legislator who is interested in introducing a bill in his or her jurisdiction, or if you’d like to reach out to your local representative to request that he or she do so, please take a look at ASPCA Guide to Enacting Local Pet Store Sales Restrictions on our Flyers and Resources page, or reach out to the ASPCA at for guidance. We’re here to help!