Animal rescuers want tighter laws on animal cruelty

By Rebekah Hoeger

November 3, 2014

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Rescuers say two more abandoned Chihuahuas were found wandering around West Mobile. This makes a total of almost a dozen so far that they say were abandoned and dumped by what they think is a backyard breeder.

Now people in the animal rescue community say they want tighter laws on animal cruelty in Alabama, and they want the laws enforced.

Of the ten puppies in foster homes, several were females.

30 puppies rescued from alleged puppy mill up for adoption

WSB-TV 2 Atlanta

November 1, 2014

An experienced operation team from the Atlanta Humane Society assisted in the rescue in Alcorn County, Mississippi.

The Humane Society says the dogs were kept in “filthy, cramped conditions and repeatedly bred for profit.”

“One dog was housed in a situation with its deceased companion,” said Dorsey.

She told Channel 2’s Liz Artz the dogs were living in feces, squalor and without enough food or water.

SPCA seizes animals living in 'horrible conditions' at puppy mill

Jenny Doren, WFAA

 October 31, 2014

McKINNEY – They were caged, chained and fighting for life. Dozens of dogs are now being nursed back to health in McKinney after being rescued from filth in an east Texas home.

Investigators rolled up on a sad sight near Gilmer on Wednesday. "Miserable," is how SPCA of Texas spokeswoman Stephanie Knight described the conditions.

"We don't even know if she's been getting any sleep because she itches so often," she said of one of the worst off German Shepherds.

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