Week in Review - December 3

Dogs in danger – A Target 11 investigation into puppy mills

A Target 11 investigation discovers puppy mills are still churning out dogs, even after a state crackdown. The operations are being hidden in barns and basements.

Help Close Puppy Mill Loophole

As ASPCA investigators have found out, the photos of happy, healthy puppies posted on a breeder’s website often grossly misrepresent what conditions are really like for these puppies and their parents.

241 dogs rescued from alleged Ohio ‘puppy mill’

“All the animals outside, all their water was frozen. I didn’t see any food anywhere,” Nadasi told NewsCenter 7. “Every (dog) we brought in here to feed is starving.”

Owners of Ohio Puppy Mill Plead Not Guilty to 723 Charges of Animal Cruelty

Back on November 17th a raid on Pedigree Pets in Ohio led to the rescue of 241 dogs that were being kept in deplorable conditions.

Dogs saved from death, puppy mill

Many of the dogs, which Benevento-Brown assumed had been kept only for breeding purposes, are fearful or anxious around people.

Puppy mill survivors face health hurdles after years of overbreeding

As public education campaigns continue, more people are starting to connect the cute puppies sold in pet stores to the puppy mills where they originate. However, the images of mother dogs in small cages and squalid conditions are just part of the story.

What you don’t see when you buy your puppy online

The sweet stories they are telling you online is not what’s really going on behind the scenes – animal cruelty, abuse, starvation, minimal, if any, medical care, and no socialization for the dogs.