Week in Review - Jan 23

Online Debate Flares Over Columbia Pets for Purchase

Animal advocates online said that reputable breeders don’t sell puppies to pet stores, and instead prefer to screen potential buyers to ensure puppies go to good homes.

Arkansas Puppy Mill Survivors Recover, Begin New Lives

…dogs, who seem to be propelled by an internal drive to be loyal companions, can be amazingly resilient. 

Proposed 'puppy mill' measure has both sides growling

The bill would create housing, exercise, food and veterinary-care restrictions for anyone who keeps more than 10 unspayed females for the purpose of breeding the dogs and selling the puppies as pets.

Puppy mill owner found guilty

It took a Nowata County jury about four hours to return with a guilty verdict on animal cruelty charges for puppy mill owner Carolyn Nichole Vaughn.

Dog Saved from Puppy Mill Adopted through Berkeley Heights Rescue

China, a 15-year old Chihuahua, was shaking when she was taken out of her cage for the first time after years of forced reproduction in a Georgia puppy mill.