Palm Beach County to consider banning puppy, kitten sales at new pet shops

By: Skyler Swisher

Sun Sentinel

September 12, 2016

New pet stores in Palm Beach County could soon be barred from selling puppies and kittens.

County commissioners will consider the ordinance for the first time Tuesday as part of an effort to clamp down on commercial breeders known as puppy mills or kitten factories.

The county would cease issuing permits to new pet shops that sell cats and dogs effective Nov. 1 if the measure passes. New pet stores would be banned from selling dogs or cats but could offer supplies or other animals for sale.

The ordinance would allow existing pet stores to continue selling puppies and kittens, provided the animals are obtained from licensed breeders that comply with U.S. Department of Agriculture standards. At least eight pet stores offered dogs or cats for sale in Palm Beach County in 2015, according to the proposed ordinance.