Councilman proposes ordinance ending ‘puppy mill’ practices in Aurora

By Rachel Sapin, Aurora Sentinel

September 2, 2016

It’s a problem that has dogged the city for ages. And now, Aurora Ward IV Councilman Charlie Richardson said he would like to end the practice of puppy mill animals being sold to Aurora pet stores.

The proposed ordinance, which Richardson said is meant to prohibit the sale of dogs and cats from large scale breeders or “puppy mills” in pet shops in Aurora, would limit where pet shops or dealers could purchase a cat or dog to sell in Aurora.

Under the ordinance, a shop or dealer could only purchase a cat or dog from an animal shelter, a private nonprofit humane society or a nonprofit animal rescue. These sources would themselves be allowed to sell cats and dogs in the city. A pet store associated with one of the above organizations would also be allowed to sell cats and dogs, and individuals who breed and sell dogs on their premises would also be exempt from the ordinance, as the draft reads now.