Failed standards spurs puppy mill problems in Michigan

By: Deb Monroe

Detroit Dogs Examiner

When a state fails to establish standards, rules and appropriate legislation it becomes a breeding ground for greedy and scheming people. Children and the elderly have always been easy targets but advocacy for these populations grow with awareness. Pets on the other hand do not have lobby groups, lawyers, or thumbs to Tweet a message about their pitiful situations. Only when photos and video comes out showing their overcrowded, stinking cages and matted and cruddy fur do the pleas of innocent eyes reach the public through the media.

Howell Township woman charged in connection with suspected puppy mill

Written by: Lisa Roose-Church

Daily Press & Argus

More than 90 puppies and other dogs were rescued from a suspected Howell puppy mill Wednesday.
The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department served a search warrant on the undisclosed property and found large-breed dogs and puppies, mainly poodle mixes, living in substandard conditions, said Kaitlin Sanderson, public information officer with the U.S. Humane Society.

Breeders investigated for report of trashing dog

By Emily Welker on May 14, 2014 at 7:05 a.m.

Portland, ND — The sheriff in Traill County said he has investigated allegations that breeders threw a live dog into the trash at a dog breeding operation near Portland and has forwarded his findings to the state’s attorney for possible prosecution.

Puppy mills: Kansas breeders rake in inspection violations

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