I worked for a puppy mill

Puppy mill dog

By Josiah M. Hesse Sep 15 2014

For one week during the winter of 2005, I worked for a puppy mill. A friend and I had been hired to drive a van across the country—the company served as a middleman between major dog-breeding facilities in Iowa and various stores between there and New York City. When I signed up for the job, I had no idea that I would be committing a crime, nor that I would be participating in an industry of torture that would haunt me forever.

County saves more than 100 dogs from St. Hedwig puppy mill

By Gilbert Garcia

September 13, 2014 

SAN ANTONIO — When Bexar County animal-care officers entered the St. Hedwig-area farm-road property that Ronald McNeil shares with his sister, they were horrified by what they saw.

In the backyard, they found stacks of cages containing nearly 100 dogs and puppies — mainly Boston terriers and papillons — covered in fecal matter and urine, with one empty cage nearly impenetrable because mold had grown on the dog feces inside.

Nineteen dogs rescued from Lake Worth breeding operation

August 22, 2014

By Anne Geggis, Sun Sentinel

WEST BOCA — — Walking into a backyard breeding operation in Lake Worth last week, Alan Gould first saw three penned Labradors clamoring for attention, their ribs visible.

And then he noticed the smell.

"It was pretty horrific," said Gould, who runs the Darbster Foundation, an animal welfare organization with his wife, Ellen Quinlan. "These dogs had never been bathed."

Randolph looks to ban local ‘puppy mills’

By: CLAIRE KNAPP Contributing Writer

August 12, 2014

For years, people in Randolph have liked to call their community a place “where life is worth living,” and they have been intent on maintaining that status for animals as well as people.

A new ordinance introduced at the July 31 meeting of the Township Council is aimed at doing just that.

Local Puppy Mill Laws on the Rise in NY, but Are Using USDA’s Weak Standards

Last week, lawmakers in Nassau County, New York—the western portion of Long Island—passed an ordinance to regulate the county’s pet stores and breeders beyond what state law requires. While we’re always glad to see local governments taking the time to address the issue of puppy mill cruelty, the new Nassau ordinance is similar to the one passed recently in neighboring Suffolk County in that it doesn’t do nearly enough to protect animals and consumers.

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