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Many consumers unwittingly support the puppy mill industry. An estimated 99 percent of dogs sold in retail stores are from puppy mills where industrial scale breeding takes place to maximize profit.

AKC Leads Lobbying Against NC's Puppy Mill Law

Last year, Lincolnton Republican Representative Jason Saine introduced a compromise bill, House Bill 930. With the Governor’s support and bipartisan backing, HB 930 requires commercial breeders to meet a list of straight-forward but boiler-plate measures. It’s a watered-down bill, by most accounts.

City cracks down on puppy mills, pet stores

To combat canine illnesses, overpopulated pounds and rising euthanization rates, an ordinance introduced to the City Council Feb. 5 would crack down on puppy mills by banning the retail sale of dogs raised by large-scale breeders.

Hundreds of dog breeders uncovered in new puppy mill law

A new law meant to give the state some teeth to punish unsafe puppy mills has revealed more than 250 high volume dog breeders and retailers have been operating, likely for years, in the state — including some in southwest Ohio.

Before this year, Ohio’s agricultural dog breeding market was largely unregulated.


Caledonia Dog Breeder under Fire from Animal Activists

CALEDONIA- “Blood on the ground and rows of stacked cages,” Brandy Semonich describes what she saw while visiting Lettier Kennel.

"We went through the rest of the kennel there was a pug dragging its body across the floor it could hardly walk. Extremely skinny English Bull Dogs with the excuse that it is the blood line that causes them to be skinny," said Semonich.

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