Alleged puppy mill operator gets probation for animal cruelty

Written by Lisa Roose-Church, Daily Press & Argus

July 17, 2014

A Howell Township woman described as a puppy mill operator was sentenced today in Livingston County Circuit Court.

Margaret Elaine Komorny was sentenced to five years probation for animal cruelty. The judge ordered that she also not own any animals and that she possess none either on her property or under her control, but held at another location.

Massive Puppy Mill Raid Leaves 357 Dogs in Rescue

Written on 07/16/2014 by Brandy Arnold in Animal Advocates, Front Page News

Cherokee County marshals raided a Georgia puppy mill on Tuesday, rescuing up to 500 dogs that were stacked in cages, living in filth, many suffering from health and behavioral problems.

Convicted puppy mill owners move operation to Canada

KGMI News Reporting
By Mike Curtiss

July 11, 2014

BELLINGHAM, Wash. – A couple that was recently convicted on animal cruelty charges in Whatcom County is now in trouble for selling a sick dog to a B.C. woman.

James and Tarasa Shively were convicted in February and banned from owning or possessing dogs in Washington State for two years.

Miami-Dade Considers Puppy Mill Legislation

WiOD-AM Local News

July 11, 2014

Miami-Dade leads the way in protecting animals from puppy mill type operations.

Commissioner Lynda Bell has proposed an ordinance that would require breeders to register with the county and limit the number of times a female can be used for breeding.

The legislation would hold pet stores responsible for selling unhealthy animals, not just the breeders.

Spain to ban sale of cats and dogs in pet shops

The Local

July 10, 2014

Spain's ruling party has presented a draft law which would see pet shops banned from selling cats and dogs as the country struggles to deal with the highest rate of pet abandonment in Europe.

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